I’m currently (and have been for some time) a uni student in Melbourne, Australia, slowly nearing the end of a PhD. The bonus of being a student for so long means I can sometimes (depending on study demands) have quite a flexible schedule, as well as being able to travel for my work/studies, although the student budget doesn’t always match up to my dreams up travelling constantly to amazing places.

I’ve so far visited (that I have been old enough to actually remember) Japan, France, England, Germany, Prague, Slovakia (briefly), Hungary and Austria. So far. I plan to visit MANY more places.

Australia is relatively far away from places like Europe. In fact about as far as one can be.Β So due to time and money constraints I’ve spent a lot of time travelling more locally with a particular emphasis on Japan. I’ve been to Japan 4 times for holidays, then decided to experience the country as more than just a tourist destination and moved there for a year, then went again recently for a conference (plus tagged on some holiday time after the conference).

As such, there will be a likely abundance of Japan but bits of many other places. Bonus is that if you want to go to Japan you should definitely get in touch if you have any questions. As well as planning most of my own trips there I’ve got into the habit of planning trips for friends and family so have accrued a lot of tips.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I share both here and on instagram and also the posts when I have a chance to post them! (PhD life sometimes gets in the way >_< but this is a good way to have a break from that!)

So, hope you have fun following along as I travel here and there across the world!

~ Claire xx