Summer in Okinawa

During my year in Japan I made an effort to really go some of the places I hadn't managed to get to before. One of those places was Okinawa! It had always been a bit out of the way for my other, shorter trips to Japan, but living there it suddenly seemed much more feasible.... Continue Reading →

Budapest by night

I've been pretty slack recently with blog posts. Problem is, I had an amazing time in Europe in late January-February and then have been playing catch-up for the time I missed from my PhD. The trip was amazing and absolutely worth it though, so no complaints! And now I am finally getting around to updating this... Continue Reading →

Wakakusa Yamayaki

Wakakusa Yamayaki is by far one of the most impressive things I've seen in Japan. The big Buddha (Daibutsu) in Todaiji (the largest wooden building in the world, and is only a fraction of the size of the original!) , and Kinkakuji (a pavilion covered in gold leaf) are definitely amazing to see, but Wakakusa Yamayaki is... Continue Reading →

First day in Japan

For my first travel blog post I thought it made sense to write about my first, full day (~24 hours) in Japan - the place I've visited the most outside Australia. I'd finished high school about two month before and booked flights less than two weeks before, and it was my first big overseas trip.... Continue Reading →

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