The 52 frames challenge; what and why?

I bought a new camera back (Fujifilm X-T100) back at the start of 2019. I already owned a DSLR which I used a bunch but also never really got past much of the basics with it. It was also reasonably bulky (though not hugely so as I didn’t have extra lenses etc),  but it meant that I only took it with me if there was something specific I wanted to photograph or I was on a holiday, or similar. So I wasn’t really practising and/or improving much. My mirrorless compact Fujifilm fit easily into a small handbag, the idea being the excuse of my camera being big and bulky would no longer be an acceptable excuse. I was also about to go overseas for three months on a fellowship for work so wanted something compact but that could also easily connect to my phone. I got a lot of great photos in 2019 but those were mostly down to the camera doing the majority of the work, rather than me actively working on improving my skills.

So, long story short, I’ve decided to try and do the annual 52 frames challenge for the first time.

Anyone can join and there is more info here (

As part of the challenge you upload your photos to the 52 frames site but I thought I may as well try and upload them here too, as some many cross over with other things I’m posting from time to time.

You can find me on the 52 frames site at

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